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    Apache httpd mod_cluster error

    Juan Alcaraz Newbie

      I am configuring Apache httpd mod_cluster for Infinispan and I get the error below after I copy the following modules.


      Copy Apache Web server installation:

      • mod_proxy.so
      • mod_proxy_ajp.so
      • mod_slotmem.so
      • mod_manager.so
      • mod_proxy_cluster.so
      • mod_advertise.so



      httpd: Syntax error on line 149 of /vol1/apache/apache2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load modules/mod_slotmem.so into server: ld.so.1: httpd: fatal: relocation error: file /vol1/apache/apache2/modules/mod_slotmem.so: symbol unixd_config: referenced symbol not found


      I have tried different available download versions of these files for Sparc Solaris and get the exact same error.


      Any suggestions, why am I getting that error and how would I go about getting pasted that?