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    JBOSS - log rotate and zip

    Ricardo Esteves Newbie



      I've got this configuration:


      <appender name="smint-tmn-sat1.async" class="org.apache.log4j.AsyncAppender">
           <errorHandler class="org.jboss.logging.util.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/>
           <appender-ref ref="smint-tmn-sat1.file"/>
           <param name="BufferSize" value="8192"/>

         <appender name="smint-tmn-sat1.file" class="org.jboss.logging.appender.RollingFileAppender">
           <errorHandler class="org.jboss.logging.util.OnlyOnceErrorHandler"/>
           <param name="File" value="${jboss.server.log.dir}/smint-sat1_smint_unip.log"/>
           <param name="Append" value="true"/>
           <param name="MaxFileSize" value="300MB"/>
           <param name="MaxBackupIndex" value="20"/>
           <layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout">
             <param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d %-5p [%c:%t] %m %n"/>

         <category name="smint-tmn-sat1" additivity="false">
            <priority value="INFO"/>
            <appender-ref ref="smint-tmn-sat1.async"/>


      How can i make jboss compress the log after it rotates it?

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          I've done this via cron job for all log files older than ..., also the files are moved to a slower storage.

          I don't think that there is a appender for that, also you should notice that the appender might block the logging during the rotate. You might run into issues in this case.

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            Ricardo Esteves Newbie

            But isn't there a way to make jboss do it instead of using an external script?

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              Indranil Majumder Newbie

              yes there is run :: your own appender:

              Step 1: Create a custom appender module(module.xml)

              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

              <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.0" name="loggers">


                         <resource-root path="MyLogger.jar"/>



                        <module name="org.jboss.logging"/>





              Step 2: Use a java code to do whatever you want:

              Something like:

              public class MyLogger extends Handler{


                public void publish(LogRecord record) {

                String levelName = record.getLevel().getName();

                String className = record.getSourceClassName();

                String methodName = record.getSourceMethodName();

                String logMsg = getFormatter().format(record);

                System.out.println("Custom Logger : ["+levelName+"]["+className+"]["+methodName+"]["+logMsg+"]");

                    // DO WHATEVER YOU WANT e.g zipping , mailing , deleting etc.



                public void flush() {  // TODO Auto-generated method stub  }


                public void close() throws SecurityException {  // TODO Auto-generated method stub  }




              Step 3: Create a jar of your custom logger and put the module.xml along with the jar under the modules folder of your jboss installation directory.

              Step 4: Load the module from your standalone or domain xml in the <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1">

                <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1">

                          <console-handler name="CONSOLE">

                              <level name="INFO"/>


                                  <pattern-formatter pattern="%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%c] (%t) %s%E%n"/>



                          <periodic-rotating-file-handler name="FILE">


                                  <pattern-formatter pattern="%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%c] (%t) %s%E%n"/>


                              <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.dir" path="server.log"/>

                              <suffix value=".yyyy-MM-dd"/>

                              <append value="true"/>


                         <custom-handler name="MyCustomHandler" class="loggers.custom.MyLogger" module="loggers.custom">

                               <level name="INFO" />


                                    <pattern-formatter pattern="%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%c] (%t) %s%E%n" />





                          <logger category="com.arjuna">

                              <level name="WARN"/>


                          <logger category="org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler">

                              <level name="WARN"/>


                          <logger category="sun.rmi">

                              <level name="WARN"/>


                          <logger category="jacorb">

                              <level name="WARN"/>


                          <logger category="jacorb.config">

                              <level name="ERROR"/>



                              <level name="INFO"/>


                                  <handler name="CONSOLE"/>

                                  <handler name="FILE"/>

                                  <handler name="MyLogger"/>