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    extendeddatatable: Support for RTL (right to left) languages

    wlh Newbie

      Hello Community,


      I wanted to ask if anybody is using the rich:extendeddatatable of RF 4.3 with right-to-left oriented languages. I did not find any property in the table to define the direction.

      In case I define it only in the surrounding container (div), the table behavior is confusing. On one hand the columns are ordered right-to-left, but left-aligned in the table. The vertical scrollbar is on the left side (which is fine), but it leads to a misalignment of header and data cells. And the third thing I discovered is that column resizing behaves unconventionally, when you drag the left border of a column to resize it, you do in fact resize its left neighbor column and not the intended col itself.


      My questions:

      Is the extendeddatatable prepared for RTL languages at all?

      What do I have to consider / configure when using it with RTL languages?

      Is anybody using the table in an RTL environment and can give me some hints regarding the problems described above?