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    Rewrite properties for servlet root context

    HtetNyi NyiMin Newbie

      Dear all,

            Now, I am beginner for jboss rewrite properties. I have been created two jsp/servlet projects.

      Both of projects' context path is "/" and servlet mapping is /abc.

           When I run the projects, they are running like follows.

      projectOne ==> http://localhost:8080/abc

      projectTwo ==> http://localhost:8081/abc.

           So, I would like to change URL only(I don't want to modify my projects).

      I decided to use jboss rewrite properties for url rewriting.


           I would like to do my projects url as follows(adding projects name like proj1, proj2).

      projectOne ==> http://localhost:8080/proj1/abc

      projectTwo ==> http://localhost:8081/proj2/abc

      * context path is "/" and servlet mapping is /abc.


           Could I do that in jboss rewrite properties. If yes, could you all please give me

      suggestions or references.