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    JBPM 5.4 process execution problem


      I created a process, as seen in the attachment of this post.

      When complete TaskReject, it is supposed to fire a event and the event is catched by the catcher and the sub process is end and the process go to Task1 node.

      It works fine at the first trip to task1 node, but as I completes the Task1 and go through Task2 -> TaskReject again, the process failed to go to Task1 node again and the Task3 task is not canceled as expected. This seems to be a major bug!

      I am testing this using jbpm-console. Can any one tell me what is the root cause of this problem and how to fix this in version 5.4?

      By the way, the same process in version 6 works fine, but we find it is very difficult to upgrade to version 6 because our application which embed the jbpm 5.4 is a spring based application running on JBoss 7 with local task service and no CDI. We just can't figure out how to embed a JBPM 6 engine to our application yet.