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    SSL Certificate Auth

    Anton Andreev Newbie

      Hi. I have problem with create auth wiht Client Certificate. Could you please help?


      What we have:


      1. server with jboss (now listen 80 port).

      2. many different clients



      What should be:


      1. server with ssl authentification (https)

      2. each client should have personal certificate.

      3. Also most important - in servlet i want know: who is use certificate now.

      4. optional: separate apache for https


      for example (behaviour model): I generate personal certificate. Client install certificate in browser. Than client get access via https. Server check certificate and show login page.  user enter login /password. If login and login in certificate equals and password is correct user take access.


      So, can I make same authorization ? And what advice can you give me?

      thank you in advance.