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    Errai Questionsssss ?

    Charles Odili Apprentice

      1. Is is possible to bind a @Template component to more than one @Model objects ? If so, how. Can I do this : http://ur1.ca/g63ew


      2. When / how can I access the DOM in a @Template component? calling DOM.getElementById("pumesubjects").addClassName() from a @PostConstruct method within a @Template @Page threw a null pointer exception even though the element was there.


      3. How to attach a click handler to the items in a ListWidget like ComplaintListWidget, there's need to allow selection of items so they can be, say, edited ..


      4. The html markup for a @Template component arrives the DOM after JS (jquery, bootstrap, e.t.c) have loaded and probably executed, thus we have a situation where dropdown menus, sliders e.t.c do not function within the errai @Template page. How can this be handled ?


      5. Yes we can bind to texbox and simple fields, how about a <select> that can have several <option> elements within ? can we do this with a ListWidget too ? any examples ?


      6. Has anyone ever invoked a method on a Caller jax-rs endpoint and end up with another method in the endpoint been called, am having that right now?