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    JBPM Process Definition : Where to Configure Update Startegy

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie

      Short question : Where to configure update startegy as "TRANSFER" for JBPM5 process definition ? Or we have to use WorkflowProcessInstanceUpgrader.upgradeProcessInstance() everytime for updating to new     process "Version" ?



           1.     JBPM 5.4, Drools 5.5.0.Final

           2.     Ksession and KBase as Spring Beans


      Detail Question



      As in documentation we have three strategies to update a process definition "Proceed", "Abort", "Transfer".

           1. I need to know as how to configure these strategies ? Will it be configured in <beans id="kSession"> or somewhere else ?

           2. Or if there is no configuration then I have to keep a track in my application on my own for update in process definition and then call "WorkflowProcessInstanceUpgrader.upgradeProcessInstance()" as mentioned in documenttion and one thread answered by Kris i.e. JBPM5 - Process Versioning?





      Zahid Ahmed