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    Scalability of JBoss FUSE

    striplight Newbie

      I have  couple of questions around scalability of JBoss FUSE. We're starting with 6.0.0 at the mo.


      Firstly, scalability would be provided (initially) by adding containers to the fabric. How many can be added to a single fabric? Also different servers can be used (a fabric ensemble) what are the practical upper limits for this?


      What happens if a container enters a serious StopTheWorld GC – several seconds – does fabric assume its died? Is it a key setup condition for a container to ensure it is reasonably sized, eg not above 2GB? In which case I assume for large OLTP applications many dozens or containers would be required. Can Fuse handle that across an ensemble?


      Any numbers on the largest running fabric ensemble?


      Regards, Chris