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    Testing with JBoss Modules

    Robert Reiner Newbie

      We are starting with JBoss Modules and wonder what the recommended way of (integration) testing modules is.


      What we want to do:

      1. Create or add an existing modules folder with modules (including module.xmls) to the test setup
      2. Run a test on a piece of software that depends on modules setup in step 1


      The tests do not require to assume to run in an application server, but it would do no harm if they do. We want to make sure that the configuration in the module.xml is correct to be used by clients of that module.


      We found two projects that are promising, but have not been updated lately and neither has released a version, and an article with a similar problem asked in 2012:



      Since all resources I have found are not very current, I'd like to ask, what is the state-of-art of testing JBoss Modules?


      I would also like to suggest to add this information to JBoss Modules Home (this is the location I had first a look at :-)).