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    ¿How to define various "wsdl-host" when using virtual-servers?

    Antonio Javier Ortega Pérez Newbie

      Hello, I have a complex situation and I believe that nowadays it can't be solved. Let me explain. I have a Jboss cluster behind an Apache front end. There are two applications, named appX and appY, deployed in the cluster. I use virtual-servers so each application is accessed through a different server name to be isolated from each other.





      Each application must publish web services, so the resulting wsdl’s it would be something like:







      When it was only one application, I used the wsdl-host property of the webservices subsystem to define the wsdl host, because the URL has to point to the front end, not to the specific IP or server name of each node in the cluster. Now that I have more than one application, I don’t know how can I solve the situation, because webservice subsystem only allows defining one wsdl-host that doesn’t depend of the virtual-hosts.


      Someone knows how to solve this situation?