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    Development mode/hot redeploy with Undertow


      First, it took me a while to figure out that Undertow is by default caching static resources. It will bite you after a few reloads, very annoying. You have to remove the <servlet-container default-buffer-cache="default"/> setting to disable the caching, this should be documented!


      Then I found this discussion about the global development mode, which sounds like the right approach:


      [undertow-dev] Undertow development mode


      This change apparently didn't make it into Wildfly beta1, and I haven't seen any discussion why. Then I found this change:




      Does that mean JSPs will be recompiled if <jsp-config development="true"/> is set? This doesn't seem to have any effect, at least not with an exploded WAR deployment.


      So how do you guys work with this? Redeploy after every change in a template? Run out of permgen space every 5 minutes?