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    Rich:Calendar problem while converting Multilinguil

    Asim Shaikh Novice

      I have rich:calendar and I get above error when I selected the Date and change Language


      <rich:calendar id="searchDateCalendar1" 
                           popup="true" showApplyButton="false" 
          <f:ajax event="change" listener="#{commonOutputContentBean.showEvents()}" render="cmnoplayoutfrm"/>


      sourceId=cmnoplayoutfrm:searchDateCalendar1[severity=(ERROR 2),

      summary=(cmnoplayoutfrm:searchDateCalendar1: '१२/१२/२०१३' could not be understood as a date.),

      detail=(cmnoplayoutfrm:searchDateCalendar1: '१२/१२/२०१३' could not be understood as a date. Example: ??/??/????)]