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    Synchronous distributed and backup

    Luc DEW Newbie



      I am evaluation infinispan 6.0 and I have questions regarding the synchronous distributed cluster mode.


      I did some tests with 4 nodes synchronizing with JGroups in tcp. I put 800 Mbytes of data in the cluster (each VM started with > 1Gbytes), then stopped adding any data.

      If a node was lost, I could still access any entry of the cache from any of the remaining nodes.


      However as soon as I lost another node with 2 remaining, some entries were lost.


      What is the backup strategy in the distributed mode ? Is there any backup at all (if you say no I think i have to review how my test was implemented ;-) )

      Can the number of backup nodes when an entry is added be configured ? ( I am not referring to near cache).