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    About the LDAPLoginModule

    hugo zheng Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want develop a web site, the login module authentication need to use the Active Directory. I want to implement a feature that user access the web site no need to login after they use the AD domain user and password login their windows. It means that user no need to fill in the user name and password when they access the web site.

      I studied the LDAPLoginModule with JBoss this few days, but when I finished the  LDAPLoginModule configuration as sample in LdapLoginModule, when I try to access the web site, it will still prompt a  login form like this:


      When user can login their windows successful mean and access the web, I don't want to show the login form as above, I knew this feature can be implemented in config IIS, I am a new guys to JBoss, I don't know if the JBoss can implement the feature?  Or if I want to use LDAPLoginModule it must show the form as above to let user to insert?

      Can anyone help me ? thank you.