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    JBPM5.2 to JBPM5.4 : Upgrade/Migration Script Required

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie



      I am currently in process of Upgrading from JBPM 5.2 to JBPM5.4. There are a few issues in migration. Can anyone help me in solutions to these problems


      1. Schema has changed and Migration scipt is required for Migration of data from Jbpm5.2 db to Jbpm5.4 db instance.

           Do I have to create a new Ddatabase schema or I just need to use hibernate-property (<property name="hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto" value="update" />) for DDL-Update and it will update my current schema

           of JBPM5.2 runtime, which makes it compatible for JBPM5.4 version ? As changes seem to be only in WORKITEMINFO table with a column length and name change, I hope updating schema might not effect process states.


      2. KnowledgeBase and Ksession initialization fails. How to fix it ? What are the differences in initialization in Jbpm5.2 and Jbpm5.4