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    Guvnor 5.3 / Designer 2.3 Custom Work Item Definitions

    Tyler Pacheco Newbie

      Hi everyone, I have a few questions about customizing work items that I have created. Right now I can give a custom work item parameters, results, and an icon. Is there any way to give it it's own set of properties? And, if this is possible, is there also a way I can give a custom editor to that property? For example if I am making a REST Service node, I want there to be a property called "Method" and to edit it you have a drop down list of the different REST methods (GET, POST, etc.). For reference, I have shown my work item below, where I would prefer if the parameters were properties instead.


      import org.drools.process.core.datatype.impl.type.IntegerDataType;

      import org.drools.process.core.datatype.impl.type.StringDataType;



          "name" : "REST Service",

          "parameters" : [

            "Method" : new StringDataType(),

            "URL" : new StringDataType(),

            "Request-Body" : new StringDataType()


          "results" : [

            "Status Code" : new StringDataType(),

            "Content-Length" : new IntegerDataType(),

            "Conent-Type" : new StringDataType(),

            "Server" : new StringDataType(),

            "Response-Body" : new StringDataType()


          "displayName" : "REST Service",

          "icon" : "http://localhost:6080/jboss-brms/rest/packages/mortgages/assets/defaultservicenodeicon/binary"





      For those wondering, I am using Guvnor 5.3.1.BRMS and Designer 2.3.1.GA. As a side note, if this is not possible, can I create a custom editor for the entire node? I know it is possible if I was using the Eclipse plugin, and I know that it was being developed for guvnor/designer, but I am unsure if that was ever implemented or what version it would be for. Thank you for the help.