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    jboss 3.2.2 cmp2 many-to-one relation bug?

    joergs Newbie


      i've got a problem with the Many to One Unidirectional relationship.

      I hava a Bean A: KalenderSerienElement and a Bean B: Betriebsart

      Many Beans Type A share the same Beans B, B doesn't know of the A's.

      I'm jusing jboss 3.2.2 on winxp and j2sdk 1.4.2 , with ms-sql2000 std jdbc driver, not tx-enabled.

      The ejb-jar.xml relation part is:

      <ejb-relation >
      <ejb-relationship-role >
      <ejb-relationship-role-name>jedes SerienElement hat eine Betriebsart</ejb-relationship-role-name>
      <relationship-role-source >
      <cmr-field >

      <ejb-relationship-role >
      <ejb-relationship-role-name>Eine Betriebsart gehoert zu vielen Serienelementen</ejb-relationship-role-name>
      <relationship-role-source >


      The Problem is, when i try to set a Bean A in relation to a bean B, all other bean a's in relation to that specific bean b lose their relation to that


      Bean a1 -> b1
      Bean a2 -> b2
      Bean a3 -> null

      when i try to set a3-> b1, a1 loses its relation to b1:

      Bean a1 -> null
      Bean a2 -> b2
      Bean a3 -> b1

      It behaves excatly as one to one relationship, where every b should only have be in relation to one a, and vice-versa.

      Here the code that chould set the relation in bean a:

      Context ctx=new InitialContext();

      //Find the correct Bean B
      BetriebsartLocal betriebsartLoc=((BetriebsartLocalHome)ctx.lookup("BetriebsartLocal")).findByPrimaryKey(new Integer(serienDO.getBetriebsartDO().getId()));

      //Set the relation

      After this code runs, every Bean A in reference to the found bean b, betriebsartLoc, looses its relation.

      Is this a bug? Am i missing somewhat? what can i do to avoid it? i don't want to code in in sql with jdbc, for interoperablilty (?).

      Thanks for your help in advance