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    Switchyard, Durable Subscriptions and Clustering. Guru Help!

    Jacek Materna Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      Quick question. We are using switchyard in a deployment model where we have many instances of the same application deployed across multiple application servers (jboss) that are NOT operating in a clustered environment. More specifically, without clustering the concept of "shared subscriptions" does NOT apply meaning that applications that want durable subscription need to identify themselves over JMS uniquely (in a clustered environment this is not so since they can share the subscription).


      Question - I have looked at JCA inbound JMS bindings and the HMS binding and in both cases i see not way to be able to dynamically specify the clientID. More sepcfically if I deploy application X twice on two servers, both subscribed to the same topic, i must be able to provide a unique clientID for each at runtime in order for them to co-exist. Otherwise only one of the apps can register with the JMS server while the other is left out since they both have the same clientID and subscriptionID (its the same switchyard.xml...)


      Ideally I wanted to have something where i could at runtime specify the MAC address (or some unique machine GUID) that would be used as the clientID for that app on that box. I looked at the code it I found no way to do this.


      Is there any way in switchyard to create a dynamic clientID for any of these two types of inbound bindings?


      Much appreciated