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    [forge-dev] Forge Roadmap Update for Jan 15th release and beyond

    Lincoln Baxter III Master

      Please feel free to add or comment if I've missed anything or if there's

      anything you'd like to discuss.



         - Forge 2.0.0.FInal to be released Jan 15th




         - (Does not include plugins - to be released separately as completed as

         other projects/individuals can spend time working with us, or as we can

         spend time on them.)




         - Plugins that are being released (or near completion)

            - Build System Integration

               - Maven




         - Scaffold



         - JSF



         - Angular




         - Database reverse engineering



         - Wizards



         - Eclipse connection profile integration




         - Java EE developer tooling & quick-start plugins



         - Jax RX / REST



         - JSF



         - CDI



         - etc..




         - Includes wizards/Forge menu integration into JBoss Tools




         - Forge 2 website, hopefully by March/April




      Lincoln Baxter, III


      "Simpler is better."