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    Jboss EAP 6.1 Cluster

    kebishishabi weng Newbie

      I have two  jboss cluser node (node1、node2) and a client(app1),when I deploy in windows and shutdown node1 server, it can fail over to node2.

      then I deploy in linux(redhat 5),"kill -9 " the jboss prosses of node1 ,it also can fail over to node2,but if I shutdown node1 server ,the node2 server view "suspected member:XXXX" then node2 update the member view , the client app1 still invoking node1 and node2 by random accesss.

      I debug the class  of "RandomDeploymentNodeSelector" ,when node1 shoutdown ,it still have two eligibleNodes('node1' and 'node2')

      , the client not show any exception like IOException,RemoteAccessException.

      I think it is Cause by linux network configuration,isn't it?

      Why and how to fix?