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    How to reach HA and Load Balancing with a cluster of 2 nodes

    lifeonatrip Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am playing around with hornetq on a JBoss 7.2 cluster environment. Everything works fine and I have successfully implemented a client-side load balancing scenario with clustered JNDI lookups.

      My question is very simple:

      Is there a way to use a client-side load balanced cluster to achieve HA and redundancy in the messages waiting to be delivered in the queue?



      1. Client sending 1000 msg/sec on both queues.
      2. There are 1000 messages to be delivered in queue 1
      3. and 1000 messages to be delivered in queue 2
      4. queue 1 dies
      5. client get routed to queue 2 by auto topology discovery
      6. client keep working with queue 2

      Is there a way to instruct queue 2 to pick-up and deliver the 1000 messages living in queue 1 and solve all the eventual duplicates?


      I already read these:


      PS I know that if I have 4 nodes with 2 subclusters in active/passive I can achieve but i was wondering if possible doing it with only 2 nodes and a smart client.