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    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: newValue is null when using Virtual Database cache reload button

    csutherl Newbie

      I looked around in Jira, but was unable to find any bug related to this so I thought I would ask about it in the forum in case anyone else is having the problem. I noticed today that I am having a problem when trying to reload a cache from the EAP 6.1 web interface. I am using Teiid 8.4.1. The error that I am getting is as follows:


      08:53:04,475 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (HttpManagementService-threads - 23) JBAS014612: Operation ("execute-query") failed - address: ([("subsystem" => "teiid")]): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: newValue is null
              at org.jboss.dmr.ModelNode.set(ModelNode.java:458) [jboss-dmr-1.1.6.Final-redhat-1.jar:1.1.6.Final-redhat-1]
              at org.teiid.jboss.ExecuteQuery.executeQuery(TeiidOperationHandler.java:804)
              at org.teiid.jboss.ExecuteQuery.executeOperation(TeiidOperationHandler.java:733) 
              at org.teiid.jboss.ExecuteQuery.executeOperation(TeiidOperationHandler.java:702)


      This only happens when I try and reload from the admin console. If I take the sql-query that the button is running and execute that via DBVisualizer or the Teiid Designer tools, it invalidates and reloads the cache. I think that the command being sent to JBoss from the UI is malformed. This is the message I'm getting from the console:

      Unknown error

      Unexpected HTTP response: 500




           "operation" => "execute-query",

           "address" => [("subsystem" => "teiid")],

           "vdb-name" => "demo",

           "vdb-version" => 1,

           "sql-query" => "CALL SYSADMIN.refreshMatView(viewname=>'account_view.account', invalidate=>true)",

           "timeout-in-milli" => 10000




      Internal Server Error


           "outcome" => "failed",

           "result" => undefined,

           "failure-description" => "JBAS014749: Operation handler failed: newValue is null",

           "rolled-back" => true



      Is there something missing from the address object there? I can obviously work around this, I just wanted to document it and ask if I should log a bug or not from people that actually know how to use Teiid


      Please let me know if you have questions...or if I am doing something incorrect. Thanks in advance!!