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    Separate services configuration

    john.wright Newbie

      I want to separate services configuration to minimmize problems with server administration. Currently we have the entire services definition in jboss-esb.xml. The first step in the service is a content based router using drools.


      What I'd like is to have a main jboss-esb.xml which contains just the routing. As I add and remove endpoints from the routing the only editing done on this file is to add/remove a destination to the routing action's properties. I'd like to have each of the routing destinations' configuration in a separate file, to minimize the chance of misconfiguration which could affect other endpoints. Is it possible to use multiple "jboss-esb.xml"-type files to accomplish this configuration?

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          Tom Cunningham Master



          You can certainly use token replacement at build time to do this (see what happens in the helloworld_ftp_action quickstart for an example).      There's no ESB mechanism to include other files in the jboss-esb.xml that gets read.


          ESB also supports substituting run time properties, but I don't think that is going to work for you since the changes may not be persisted and it probably would not handle the case in which you are removing a destination.