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    How to set send-buffer-size and receive-buffer-size in infinispan hotrod client and server

    Abhinav Singhvi Newbie



             I was planning to use out or process distributed caching solution and  I am trying infinispan hot rod protocol for this purpose. It performs quite well compare to other caching solutions but I feel it is taking more in network communication than expected.

            We have 1000Mbps ethernet network and round trip time between client and server is around 200ms but infinispan hot rod protocol is taking around 7 seconds in transferring an object of size 30 MB from server to client. I feel that I need to do tcp tuning to reduce this time, can someone please suggest me how can I tune tcp to get best performance? On googling I found that send-buffer-size and receive -buffer-size can help in this case but I don't know how and where to set these properties. Can someone please help me in this regard.

            Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.