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    bridge related: source queue still consumes the jms request

    mike just Master

      I am using JBoss eap 6.1.0 alphal1 version. I am testing the bridge settings in standalone.xml.


      Normally the bridge is working fine, which can transfer jms request successfully to the target MDB in another server by the remote-connector.


          <bridge name="test">


      But I found one problem: if the source server has the source jms queue defined like below, then I found the jms request will not be transferred to the destination MDB in the target server. It is still consumed by the source MDB in source server. If below queue is not added in source server (standalone.xml), then it is transferred to the destination MDB in target server successfully. I expected it will be forwarded to the destination even if the source queue is defined.

      <jms-queue name="source">
           <entry name="source"/>


      Is this a normal situation (I did not read related description about this in the hornetq user manual.), or just a bug, or something wrong with my configuration?