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    infinispan6 Distributed cache async cache store

    thiago moraes Newbie



      I'm currently trying to create a distributed cache with string-keyed-jdbc-store in infinispan server mode (AS7 bundled) but I can't find anywhere a sample to configure a write behind cache store.


      All the guides don't show how to do it in server mode. Only in normal mode.


      my example:

      <distributed-cache name="test" mode="SYNC" segments="20" owners="2" remote-timeout="4000" start="EAGER">

                          <locking isolation="READ_COMMITTED" acquire-timeout="4000" concurrency-level="1000" striping="false"/>

                  <eviction strategy="LIRS" max-entries="1000"/>


                          <transaction mode="NONE"/>


                  <string-keyed-jdbc-store datasource="java:jboss/postgreeDs" passivation="false" preload="false" purge="false" >

                <!-- HERE configure write behind cache store ?? -->

                      <string-keyed-table prefix="cache" >

                          <id-column name="id" type="varchar(255)"/>

                          <data-column name="datum" type="varchar(1000)"/>

                          <timestamp-column name="version" type="bigint"/>






      Thanks in advance.