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    dynamic query using camel JPA binding

    Harish T Newbie



      I have referred switchyard quick start example to persist and query db entities which worked fine.


      <sca:reference name="QueryService" multiplicity="0..1" promote="DatalayerServiceBean/QueryService">

            <sca:interface.java interface="com.nielsen.engineering.mediaworks.service.query.QueryService"/>


              <operationSelector operationName="queryDb"/>


              <sql:query>SELECT * FROM Table1</sql:query>





      in above switchyard.xml extract sql:query is hardcoded in configuration file. I want to test how to send sql query dynamically. Do we have any place holder for sql query ? or is their any way to set the sql:query element dynamically from java class ?


      Kindly direct me to some example where we do

      1. updating specific db column in a table,

      2. Sending sql query dynamically


      Thanks in Advance..