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    JBoss AS 6.1.0 Load balancing/Performance issues in cluster

    Vamsee Ratna Vajja Newbie


      we have configured jboss to run our application in cluster format. we have three instances of JBoss  called Scheduler, Agent, Data servers doing unique jobs on each machine. Clusters have only two instances  of JBoss i.e Agent and Data server. where as the master machine has all the three instances running. All the three servers communicate with each other via EJB invocation. we use the default load balancing ploicy.

      we want to reduce the load on the master machine by running only scheduler on it and remove Data Server and Agent.Following is what we observed in the performance of the servers-


      If we have agent on the master machine where scheduler resides, the performance is always good.

      Whereas, if we don’t have agent on master machine where scheduler resides, 4 agents performance is poor.


      why is it a problem if we dont run the instances(Agent/data server) on the master machine?


      Note: Master machine is the machine where we deploy the builds for all three server instances.


      Any help would be appreciated.