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    How to install sramp on OpenShift?

    Anton Hughes Master



      We would like to start using Sramp.


      Can someone please describe the steps to setup on Openshift?


      What cartridge should we use?


      How do we install the required dependencies?




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          Kurt Stam Master

          Hi Anton,


          The current codebase has a distribution for installation on EAP-6.1 only. We are working on tomcat support which is coming along. So for the moment you should be using an EAP cartridge.



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            Japheth Odonya Newbie

            Hi kurtstam,


            I am trying to do an installatio n of sramp using the documentation on this article:




            I am able to set up the application on my local host using a fresh EAP installation, I tried to transfer the war files generated from installation and their dependent modules to openshift without success, do I need to do this setup process on the openshift host itself?

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              Kurt Stam Master

              Hi Japheth, that sounds like the right way to go about it, but I would take smaller steps:


              1. I would start with just the s-ramp-server.war, along with the overlord-commons module (for SAML token support) and the configuration in conf: s-ramp.properties and anything overlord*. And deploy this to a fresh *local* EAP server first.


              2. Once that is successful - check the s-ramp endpoints and use a REST Client to do some POSTs and GETs, then move it to OpenShift.


              3. Once that works follow the same procedure with the s-ramp-ui.war, then dtgov.war and finally dtgov-ui.


              We have not had time to try it out yet, but if you can document your findings we add it to our docs and add a deployment profile.


              Good luck and please keep us in the loop.