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    Guvnor Designer : BPMN2: Node IDs not in Long

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie



      As mentioned in JBPM 5.4 documentation for process upgrade we need to map NODE IDs for upgrading a process. For mapping a map has to be created as Map<String, Long>. I am unable to find Id for a BPMN2 generated through Guvnpr Designer. The id I found there is in String format.


      Question how to get node id in Long ?




      Map<String, Long> mapping = new HashMap<String, Long>();


      // top level node 2 is mapped to a new node with id 3


      mapping.put("2", 3L);


      // node 2, which is part of composite node 5, is mapped to a new node with id 4


      mapping.put("5.2", 4L);


      <bpmn2:userTask id="_448B6CD4-A9DC-4FE0-BE4F-0A993AF810EF" drools:selectable="true" drools:taskName="nro" drools:scriptFormat="http://www.java.com/java" name="NRO">