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    what PinketLink API would I use for password creation restrictions?

    mazz Master

      Excuse the newbie question - I did a quick google and scanned through the javadoc but didn't find the answer...


      What API should I be looking at, or how should I do this in PicketLink, to allow picketlink to enforce password restrictions when creating or updating passwords? In other words, I want to enforce that all passwords that get created or updated for a user follow a pattern like "must be 8-chars long, must have at least 1 special char and 1 number", etc, etc, etc? I want this configurable - for example, I might want to restrict it to 8-characters minimum, but someone else might want to change it to force the minimum to be 6-characters - someone might want to allow special characters, others might want to restrict it to alphanumeric.