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    Application runs fine in standalone mode, but throws an EJBAccessException in domain mode

    marvin blubaugh Newbie

      I'm migrating an application from WebSphere Application Server 6.1 to JBoss EAP 6. I have the application running perfectly in my development environment on JBoss EAP 6 in standalone mode (running it from JDev). However, when I migrate the code to a test server running in default domain mode I get a EJBAccessException: Not Allowed as soon as I run anything that uses an EJB.  The general error message is a "JBAS014134: EJB Invocation failed on component X  javax.ejb.EJBAccessException:JBAS014502: Invocation on method: X is not allowed"


      I've been reading through the manuals and doing searches, but so far no clues as to why this is occuring. I'm assuming that domain mode has additional EJB security that is causing the issue. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?