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    Putting objects into distributed Cache takes forever

    Jithendra reddy Newbie

      Hi Team,


      I am working on a poc to query objects in the infinispan distributed cache.


      I have created a service that will load all the needed objects into the infinispan. We are talking of an object which will be around 200 - 300 bytes in size and in thousands. I am trying to retrieve like 30k records at a time from an external interface and putting them into the distributed cache.


      The issue i am facing is that putting 30k objects into the distributed cache is taking very long time like 5 - 10 minutes, which i think is too much considering a dual core windows machine with a 4GB RAM on it. I am indexing the distributed cache for my infinispan querying later, with directory.provider for hibernate search indexing being "infinispan" itself as i want the index also to be shared across the cluster.


      I was able to get the time down to 30 seconds with the use of "ram" as directory provider for the index. But this wont work for me.


      My configuration for this named cache is as below:


      <namedCache name="qci-cache">

            <locking lockAcquisitionTimeout="500" />

         <clustering mode="DIST">



            <indexing enabled="true">


            <property name="hibernate.search.default.directory_provider" value="ram"/>

        <property name="hibernate.search.lucene_version" value="LUCENE_36"/>

        <property name="hibernate.search.analyzer"  value="org.apache.lucene.analysis.WhitespaceAnalyzer" />

        <!-- The following property is put in all the searchmapping making an object indexable -->

        <property name="hibernate.search.model_mapping" value="com.ctl.vnom.lib.cache.searchmapping.ViprSearchMappingFactory"/>





      let me know of any configuration changes that could speed up the cache put with infinispan being the directory provider.