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    Shipping Wildfly with Jboss OSGI




      As has been widely reported, Wildfly (JBOSS AS 8) is not shipping with the OSGI subsystem built in, as it did in in AS 7.


      This has the obvious practical implication that the application developer is now responsible for shipping and deploying JBOSS OSGI on top of the Wildfly installation.


      I can see that a way has been provided to do this, using a separate installer which can be pointed at an existing Wildfly installation directory. This approach is detailed here:



      Unfortunately, this approach is not suitable for my organisation. This is because the application server and all of our application's "core dependencies" are installed in one step, using our own installation program. Running a separate installation process for JBOSS OSGI as a post-install step would not be acceptable.


      Furthermore, we modify the structure of the Wildfly directories somewhat. This means that the "modules" would not be installed to the correct location, from our perspective, when using the installer.


      Having thought about it, I think we might need something different. A zip file, containing all of the JBOSS OSGI / Wildfly integration jars and bundles, along with all of the module.xml files, all packaged in the correct sub-directory structure, would do us fine.


      We could quite simply use maven to pull down the zip from maven central, "unpack" it, and add this to our core installation feature.


      As it stands currently, we would have to create such a zip file ourselves, which seems unintuitive and something you would expect many developers to have to duplicate.


      Please let me know if I've missed something obvious that would allow us to take our preferred approach, without any changes to the way jbosgi is distributed.


      Cheers, Andy.