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    WildFly is great!

    Ralph Soika Apprentice

      I just migrated an enterprise application from GlassFish 3.1.2 to WildFly8 RC1. And I am impressed by how good WildFly works.

      I had no chance to deploy my application on the new GlassFish 4 because of some still existing bugs, so I tried WildFly.

      My EAR contains multiple war and ejb components and different login mechanisms. But in contrast to GlassFish no proprietary deployment descriptors were necessary for wildfly. Only one ejb3-jboss.xml file to define the security domain. In summary it was much easier to deploy my application on WildFily (as a beginner) than on GlassFish (as an expert).

      Also the community was very helpful and I like the well documented project. As also our own project (www.imixs.org) is open source our customers need an open and powerful JEE7 plattform with a community that believes in Open Source.


      Thanks for that great work!