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    Usage of System Property: jboss.server.config.url in application targetted for JBoss AS deployment.

    Sudhir R Newbie

      As per the documentation:


      jboss.server.config.url - The url for configuration files - default: $jboss.server.home.url/conf


      My application is always deployed on JBoss (currently version 4.x) and we want to move to latest versions of JBoss AS 7.


      We have a dependency on the system property - ${jboss.server.config.url} as the location for application specific configuration files.


      This is a dependency we want to retain going forward.

      Assuming that JBoss is the only target environment for the application near term, will the property ${jboss.server.config.url} always be valid on the JBoss AS road map?