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    Launching a JBoss AS Cluster on Separate Machines to run EJBCA

    Ashish Jagtap Newbie

      Right now I am running an EJBCA project on single Jboss server using command


      run.sh -c default -b test.mywebsite.net


      and it works fine, but now I want to launch my EJBCA application on clustered jboss machines

      for this I have read following links


      1.1.2. Launching a JBoss AS Cluster

      1.1.3. Web Application Clustering Quick Start


      then further I read that There are two aspects to setting up web tier clustering:

      1. Configuring an External Load Balancer.
      2. Configuring Your Web Application for Clustering.


      now my question are


      1. When I go with the External Load Balancer. and when I go with second option
      2. If I go with second option how it will work ? and what will be my -b option while running this Jboss servers.

      because in point 1.1.2 I read that



      Two processes can't bind sockets to the same address and port, so we'll have to tell JBoss to use different ports for the two instances.



      EJBCA Version :- ejbca_4_0_12

      JBOSS Version :- jboss-6.1.0.Final


      Please can any one explain this In brife so That I can clear with this things Thanks..