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    Using kie-config-cli to push to github?

    Jay Guidos Novice

      Hi All,


      So I cloned a repo from github when creating a new repo in KIE Workbench and then created a new project in that repo.


      I used git locally to clone from the KIE repo to confirm I could see the new project:


      [bidsjagu@yyc-jg-x3500 java1]$ git clone git://localhost/bids-jbpm-processes
      Cloning into 'bids-jbpm-processes'...
      remote: Counting objects: 1911, done
      remote: Finding sources: 100% (1911/1911)
      remote: Getting sizes: 100% (843/843)
      remote: Compressing objects:  17% (147/838)
      remote: Total 1911 (delta 778), reused 1708 (delta 778)
      Receiving objects: 100% (1911/1911), 332.52 KiB, done.
      Resolving deltas: 100% (896/896), done.
      [bidsjagu@yyc-jg-x3500 java1]$ ls bids-jbpm-processes/
      BidsDay  bids-domain  bids-jbpm.iml  bids-jee-app  bids-rest-client  bids-work-handlers  bin  EndOfDay  out  pom.xml  readme.md  StartOfDay


      You can see on line 11 "BidsDay", thats my new project.  Now, using kie-config-cli I print out my repo information:


      Currently available Organizational Units: 
       Organizational Unit bids-jbpm
        owner: jay.guidos@bidstrading.com
        roles: []
        Repository bids-jbpm-processes
        scheme: git
        uri: git://bids-jbpm-processes
        environment: {username=jay.guidos, scheme=git, security:roles=[], origin=https://github.com/jayguidos/bids-jbpm.git, password=}
        repository roles: []


      There you can see on line 11 my KIE repo cloned from github.  So now I do a push-changes:


      Pushed successfully


      But no changes appear in github!  Am I missing a step here?  Have you cached my github password?  Normally when I do a push to github I get prompted for user and password, but I am assuming you have my creds available to push-changes somehow....



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          kie-config-cli is only for managing the system (sort of internal configuration repository) of kie-wb. So the push is only meant to allow remote access to configuration of kie-wb and it does not push changes into origin repo like to github. If you need such ability you would need to do that with git tools like from command line, once cloned add new remote and then push it to the new remote on github directly from git tool



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            Jay Guidos Novice

            I see!  I ended up doing it using normal git the conventional way (setting up an additional upstream repo to GitHub) just as you mentioned.  I guess the 'push' in the command was tricking me into thinking it was an upstream repo push. 





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              llpcsd chen Newbie


              The original question is here:


              question about : how to push changes to cloned repo on kie-workbench!

              may be i misunderstand the git of kei-workbench, help, thank first.

              After reading the origin prob, I think the question is
              We can clone the project from wb's git server, like
              git clone git://

              Take attention:
              1.we use the git protocol to clone the git project
              2.it do work well
              3.we use git bash to clone the project(whatever u use other tools: git gui, eclipse egit plugin, svn git merger)
              4.we can add files,we can commit local modified, we can create branches, but we cannot push the modifies to server/master,we cannot merge branches to master
              5.i donot think the kie-config-cli is a good enough tool
              a.i use the jboss-eap-6 as my appserver,there is a exception about "address is already used" when i run the kie-config-cli.sh after i deploy Guvnor in the same machine
              b.i meet the same problem about:
              lllpcsd@lllpcsd-VirtualBox:~/drools_git_ws/uf-playground$ git push
              fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
              Please make sure you have the correct access rights
              and the repository exists.

              1.this is about how to config Git security cer in Guvnor workbench
              2.we just want to develop projects with git tool, just want to push/merge codes!!!
              3.i don't get more information from the drools's document
              it say:
              org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.cert.dir: Location of the directory  .security where local
              certtificates will be stored. Default: working directory

              and then?
              and then?
              and then?

              we know the .security directory is located $work_dir/.security,
              we cannot get enough information about how to config things about Git's SSH key or security trust :<

              we know the github.com platform will advance us to set the SSH key to do developing works,
              but the Guvnor has no UI function to set this.

              May be I do the wrong thing about clone,
              May be I should clone the code with SSH, how to config ssh is always a problem
              May be these are all wrong action about how to use Guvnor correctly

              The drools's document is so powerful and so poor :<


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                Marius Gherghief Newbie

                Hi all,


                We are facing the same problem.


                Did anyone manage to connect to the git repository using ssh?


                Has anyone found any descriptive steps on how to configure the connection authentication?