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    jBPM [5.3 Guvnor / 2.3.1 Designer] Registering/Using Custom Profiles

    Tyler Pacheco Newbie

      Hi everyone, I am trying to make a custom profile for designer that I can use within guvnor so that I can specify which plugins load etc. Unfortunately, I can't manage to get this to work. I tried creating my new profile as 'custom.xml' in \designer.war\profiles and copied the same layout as 'jbpm.xml' in there. After that I changed the designer.profile property in \jboss-brms.war\WEB-INF\classes\preferences.properties from "designer.profile=jbpm" to "designer.profile=custom". I assumed that this would instead load my custom profile instead of the jbpm one, but I get the error:


          java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No profile with the name custom was registered






      Clearly, it seems that my custom profile hasn't been registered and that is causing the error. So, essentially, I am wondering what is involved in registering my own profile for designer to use.