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    How to get BPMN node id using API?

    Galen Hollins Newbie



         In a WorkItemHandler, I need to get the a node's ID.  For example in the following example I would want to get "_86409638-AE00-4A3C-BE97-32E1E8108BF4"



      <bpmn2:serviceTask id="_86409638-AE00-4A3C-BE97-32E1E8108BF4" name="foo" ...




      I have access to WorkItem and WorkItemManager:


      public void executeWorkItem(WorkItem workItem, WorkItemManager manager)

      However, workItem, only has access to an "id" that is a long value.. 

      I even tried getting access via the NodeInstance, but I don't see any methods that help me.  For example:


      org.kie.api.runtime.process.NodeInstance ni = processInstance.getNodeInstance(workItem.getId());

      Any ideas?