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    Overflowing data to disk using max

    Christian Moen Newbie

      Hello community,


      I'm a happy new user of Infinispan, but I have a question regarding overflowing data to disk I'm hoping to get some advise on.

      I'd like to use eviction with persistence to overflow "cold" entries to disk.  I believe I can use


          <namedCache name="cache">

              <clustering mode="local">


                  <hash numOwners="1"/>


              <eviction maxEntries="500000" threadPolicy="DEFAULT" strategy="LIRS"/>

              <persistence passivation="true">

                  <singleFile location="${foobar.home}/data/cache" purgeOnStartup="false"/>




      to keep 500,000 entries in memory and overflowing entries to disk.  However, is there a way for me to control the number of entries that can overflow to disk?  I'd like to set a limit on the number of entries to keep on disk to prevent the disk-cache from becoming extremely large, but I haven't found a way to do so.  (I'm fine with pretty much any eviction scheme in the latter case.)


      Any advice is appreciated.


      Many thanks,