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    "This type of node cannot have more than one incoming connection!" beginner question

    Ingmar Haasdijk Newbie

      Hello JBoss Community,


      For a course that I follow on my University I have to create a simple model that works in the jbpm console/KIE workbench. The model is used to enter simple information about a manuscript and using boolean data to see where the model has to go. I followed these movies to see how it could be done, but now I receive several of the same errors when I try to build & deploy the project. Enclosed you find a screenshot of the model en the errors that are given. The errors are:


      unable to parse xml : Exception class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException : This type of node cannot have more than one incoming connection!


      Does somebody know how I can fix these errors and get my model working? Remember that I am very new to using this software and I wasn't really capable of finding good tutorial material.


      Kind regards,


      Ingmar Haasdijk


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