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    Popup Values

    patrick meighen Newbie

      I have a form that displays results from a query.  When the user selects a n item from that list the system performs another query based on the item selected.  I want the system to display the results of the 2nd query in a popup form as if the results are null.


      When the system displays the popup form, the form is blank.  If I close the popup and reselect the same item from the list then the correct results display.  How can I get the results to display correctly the first time?

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          Siva P Master



          Need some more information from your side....

          As per my understanding create popup with all the components.Initial step hide the popup using rendered attribute.

          After getting the result from the Query from backing bean set some variable to true,


          flagResult = "Success"


          Here already you have rendered attribute as failure while loading first time.Once you get the result from the query backing bean you are changing the value to Success.

          Now the popup will display the result(nothing but you list item or pojo from query).


          Similar way you display for null values also.If the query returning empty.