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    ModeShape 3.7.0.Final is available

    Randall Hauch Master

      Happy New Year!


      We're starting off 2014 with a hot new release: ModeShape 3.7.0.Final is avaialble immediately from the usual locations, including our downloads page and in the Maven repositories. This release contains mostly bug fixes, but it also eliminates several performance bottlencks when creating nodes (especially when using a cache store) and indexing (especially updating parent nodes with lots of children). See the release notes for details.


      The bottom line is that many of you will see some a very nice performance increase. We recommend all users upgrade to this version as soon as possible.


      Now that 3.7 is out the door, we're going to focus most of our time on 4.0. Our goal for ModeShape 4 is to make it far easier to configure and cluster, to increase reliablity and performance, and rework our indexing mechanism to enable use of multiple external indexes (like SOLR, ElasticSearch, etc.) while also reduce the time required to update the indexes by allowing you to define only those query indexes that your queries will actually use. We'll also make the switch to Infinispan 6.0 (or higher) and Wildfly. See this page for more details.


      Thanks to all those that contributed in some way to this release!