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    Problem with two different components having services with the same name

    Tadayoshi Sato Novice

      Hi Community,


      I'm trying a configuration that has two SY components which have services with the same name like the following:

      1. Component: name="Foo"
        • Service: name="AwesomeService"
      2. Component: name="Bar"
        • Service: name="AwesomeService"

      However, I find a problem with this configuration; if I try two different services to promote those two component services, one promotes "Foo/AwesomeService" and the other "Bar/AwesomeService", then oddly both services actually result in promoting only "Foo/AwesomeService". Is this a bug?

      I found the following JIRA, but am not sure if this is supposed to treat the above problem.

      [SWITCHYARD-1525] Service promotions with different name should use reference wiring - JBoss Issue Tracker


      As a collateral question, is there currently a way to unit-test the above component services with SwitchYardRunner?  It looks like the @ServiceOperation annotation isn't workable or even troublesome when it comes to configurations like the above, as the annotation can specify a service operation only by [service-name].[operation-name]. Should the annotation be also enhanced if we need to make SwitchYard work correctly with the above situation?


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