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    Gatein Portlet Development using MyFaces 2 and Trinidad and Tomahawk components and jBoss Portlet Bridge



      We are trying to develop a Portal application using Apache MyFaces 2(using Trinidad and Tomahawk component libraries). The Apache Portlet Bridge does not provide support for JSF 2, so we are planning to jBoss Portlet Bridge. Is there any good documentation on how to start with this development ? All the documentation that I find is only for Mojarra implementation and not for MyFaces implementation. If I find any documentation for MyFaces, it is for 1.2 version and not for 2.


      Note: This is an existing application which is already using JSF 1.2 and Trinidad and Tomahawk libraries. We are trying to convert this application as a Portal application using the same implementation and libraries, but with JSF 2.0. So, we are trying to stick with the same component library and implementation. Otherwise, we would have opted for Richfaces in first place.