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    What should nodes in content repository be named?

    breakpoint Newbie

      I have been trying to understand what actually goes into a node name but I am struggling with grasping the concept.


      Let say you have a question&answer system. I want to save each question in the content repository. What would the node name be? Should the questions be giving incrementing ids or should I name them after the actual question? If I do name them after the question I will run into naming collisions since I can have multiple questions with "what does this sign mean" (example below).


      I haven't grasped the concept of naming nodes, could someone teach me this?










      Thank you.

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          I was lucky to chat with rhaush on IRC and I asked him the same question I did here basically.


          What I was struggling with was how to name nodes. I used the example of storing questions in the content repository. I didn't know what to name the nodes. I thought using arbitrary ids was bad (but I don't know where I got that from). It isn't though. Not all nodes have a natural name that you could use. Ids are fine then. If I used the title as a node name I would run into naming collision. Two or more questions could have the same title. You could do something to help the situation by organising the nodes like this:




          But this still mean that two questions added on the same day can collide. Instead I do this to prevent collision:



          So to answer my own question: using ids are fine when a natural name is not available to use. You also want the repository structure of nodes to be hierarchical, so deeper rather than flat&wide, that is why the questions are organized under the date it is added (submitted).