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    Richfaces 4.3.4 Dynamic Drop down menu

    Rai C Newbie



      I am building a dynamic drop down menu and getting the Object Expected javascript error while running on IE debugger tool.


      new RichFaces.ui.MenuItem("form:MNU_123",{"mode":"ajax","onClickHandler":function(event){RichFaces.ajax("form:MNU_123",event,{"incId":"1"} );return false;}} );<



      any help in fixing is greatly appreciated.


      Drop down is being generated but menu groups are visible but not menuitems. and onhide() is not called I guess and the menugroups are not retreating back.



      I am using RF 4.3.4 and building all the logic to render the dd menu in Java , my jsp/xhtml only calls the dropDownMenu.


      Thanks in advance.,