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    Guvnor 5.5 authentication issue

    Peter Mansourian Newbie

      Hello everyone,


           I was wondering if I could get a some help regarding the issue I am having with my guvnor.

           Here is what I have deployed:


           1. Guvnor 5.5 Final

           2. Tomcat 6.0.35

           3. Mysql 5.5

           I have guvnor deployed under tomcat, connected to a mysql database.


           The issue I am experiencing is the following: When I login with defined users, the role permissions are not being picked up and everyone can login as admin.


           Here is what I have done so far:


           I resolved all the authentication issues I could locate on the issue lists. I replaced my seam jars with the 3.2 version. I created a table in mysql which has two users :

                1. admin : which in my guvnor I have defined as admin

                2. developer : which I have given read only permissions to a certain package.


           I have a JAAS authentication in place with my module in defined.


           When hit my guvnor, I can see the login dialog, and If I put the correct credentials I can login. The only issue I am having is developer is treated as admin even though I have defined read only roles to him.


           I would greatly appreciate any help, thank you